So, I have my original review blog, Desert Rose Reviews.  I love that blog, I love what I've set up there, and I'm not going to stop working with that one.


One of my 2014 New Year's Resolutions, is to try and have more fun.  I tend to be too serious, especially with reviews.  I'm very serious and professional, and while there's nothing wrong with that, I miss being goofy, and showing my silly side.  My original DRR site is awesome for my professional side- we do editing, professional reviews, literary services, and blog tours- lots of fun!

This blog though, is Desert Rose Reviews: UnPlugged, Version 2.0.  Here, I'm going to be goofy.  I'm going to be fun.  I'm going to break out of my ridiculously thick shell if it kills me!

Like two sides to a coin, Original = professional, UnPlugged = fun.  Put them together, and I'll have a balanced world of reviews.

I started the original Desert Rose Reviews as a resolution for 2013- to battle my intense and paralyzing shy streak, by putting myself out there on a blog...to stop hiding.  Well, I think I did that.  Side effect: seriousness took over to compensate for me ignoring the shyness, which was trying to make me remain under the rock I've spent most of my life hiding under.

So, long story short: I'm going to be posting reviews, and random stuff here as well.  The difference in these reviews is, they won't be professional.  They won't be the same ones I share on Goodreads and Amazon.  The reviews here, on my goofy site, will be just for fun.  They may be for the same books I review on GR and my other review blog, and I'll write two different reviews, but I'm good with that.

We'll have pictures, jokes, memes, random thoughts, spoilers (maybe, if I need to rant about something) and fun discussions (hopefully).  I'm going to try and be more open about things, share thoughts and opinions like a normal person (not a stuffy robot) and attempt to create a fun place for me to express myself.  Not difficult for most people, but for someone with chronic social phobias (like me) it's a big step.

I hope you enjoy this side of me!

@Desert Rose


~Curious About the Blog Banner?~

~The Cartoon/Anime Characters:

I created the characters in the banner and around the blog, simply using free online character makers from deviantart.com.

I have always loved Disney characters and princesses, so I created several with the help of Azalea's Heroine Maker, and Dolldivine/Madmoiselleclau's Disney Princess Maker.  

I wanted to have Ken up there with me, as he'll be posting stuff every now and then, so I chose a Disney Prince Character for him.  Since he grew up in Japan, I decided to go with an anime character for his banner dude, which was made using the free anime maker.  There may be some other characters of him around the blog, and those were made using either the Prince Maker, or Azalea's Warrior Maker.  

*Huge shout out to Azalea- her games are fantastic!!  What an amazing artist, guys!  If you're bored, or want to create an amazing cartoon character, check her stuff out!  Totally awesome :)

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