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*~*Quick note!  Did you know?  We don't just review books!  This is not strictly a book blog.  We review books, movies, music, t.v. shows, basically anything we find interesting enough to have an opinion on that we'd like to share.  The policy below is primarily for authors, as they provide the majority of our review requests, but we're happy to review music and maybe even art as well.

My* review policy for this blog will be different than my original review blog.  On the original Desert Rose Reviews, I do professional reviews.  No spoilers, not too many personal opinions or thoughts about details or plot points, just professional reviews like you'd find with a paid review service.

This blog/review site, however, is different.  If you haven't noticed, this one is just for fun.  If you're not looking for a professional review, please visit my original review site.  If you'd like both an entertaining review and a professional review, I can do that too!

My reviews here are fun and entertaining.  They may have spoilers.  They will almost always have my personal thoughts on the details and major plot points of the book, both good and bad.  Here is where I express myself, freely and completely open.  I am still 100% honest, I'm just also able to express myself in ways I can't with professional reviews (like OMGing about a plot shocker, for example :P).

If that sounds like fun to you, to either have just a for-fun review, or you'd like both, here are some details about my fun reviewing:

~ I'll read basically any genre, except erotic.  If you're book is erotic, and I don't know that before reading, you probably won't like my review, because I won't like your book.

~ I don't work on a schedule for reviews.  Life is too unpredictable, and I don't like trying to promise to have a review completed by a certain date, when I don't know what life will have in store.  If you need your book reviewed by a certain date, I can try and work with you, but I'd rather not stress about deadlines- kind of defeats the point of a fun read for review ;)

~ If you only want a fun review, and not a professional one, I may put a link to it on Goodreads, and/or Amazon, along with the rating.  If you're cool with having a fun review on Goodreads, and I really had fun with it, I may put the fun one on Goodreads.

~ That's basically it...if you have any other questions, ideas or concerns, please feel free to let me know in your request message! :)

*My hubby, best friend and co-reviewer may post fun reviews on this blog as well.

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