Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pet Peeves: Blog Tours Edition

Ok, so I've been participating in book tour hosting for several years now, and I've just about had it with some of the things I've seen.  I need an outlet, so today I'm going to have a bit of a ranting post.

I'm not going to name specific people, services, or tours, because I don't want to get into it with people.  Maybe though, those people will know who they are, and realize they're pissing people off (because I can't be the only one, can I?).

If you know who I'm talking about with a specific peeve, hurrah for you- please don't name names.  Again, I don't want fights, I just want to vent and have a rant.  Thanks :)

Pet Peeve #1

Lazy, Inconsiderate Tour Coordinators.

Recently, I've had to deal with, possibly, the laziest tour coordinator I've met so far.  I've signed up for several tours with her, and each one has the same issues.

1) Her materials are in ALL CAPS!!  Everything!  Synopsis, author info, links, all of it!  When I asked her why, and expressed my frustration with having to re-type everything, or go find all the materials on my own, she simply said something to the effect of: "My blog is in all caps, and since I just copy and paste from my own post, the materials are in all caps."
. . .

Really?  Wow.  Could you BE more lazy?  (Channeling Chandler there...).

 Chandler Bing Confused

Seriously, as someone who's recently started her own tour service, this is definitely a W.T.F. thing for me.  It's NOT that difficult to put together the packet materials for your hosts.  Simply copying and pasting from your own post would be fine, if your post wasn't all caps!!  Does she realize, the majority of blogs DON'T use all caps??  Apparently not, nor does she seem to care.

 What Annoyed Aly Michalka

As a tour coordinator, you're supposed to take the stress off not only the author, but your bloggers as well.  It's incredibly inconsiderate to act that way, and I was quite shocked by her attitude about it.

2) The same tour service just made another point of pissing me off with the latest (and now, last) tour I've done with her.  She had me scheduled to post materials that aren't even part of that tour!!

How can you put me down as posting a Book Playlist, if there isn't a playlist with this tour!?  I mean, come on!  I'm looking at my line on the schedule (which, side note: a spreadsheet?  Really?  Thank you, for making yet another aspect of your service difficult and unpleasant) and you have me, and a ton of other hosts, scheduled to post something that's not even a part of the tour?  Are you TRYING to cause mass confusion and frustration?

 Frustrated Angry Heath Ledger Knights Tale

When I emailed her about it, I got a "Oh, there's no playlist for this tour :)" reply.  Smiley face?  Really?  I'm not smiling.  In fact, that was the cherry on top of why I'll no longer be working with you.  Congrats!  Your laziness just cost you a tour host, and gave me several more reasons to be a better coordinator than you.  Thanks.


Pet Peeve #2

Grumpy, Unpleasant Tour Coordinators.

A different service has lost me as a host because of this.  They are unpleasant to work with, and everything they do is very cold and unfriendly.  They seem super stiff, and make me feel like I'm an ant in a very strict company.  Not fun!!

Can you not be a little more pleasant?  Must you be so serious with everything?  Does every email you send have to be dull, monotone, or simply listing all the ways you're disappointed with your hosts?  Apparently, because for the past 6 months, you've been a big dull dud.  Luckily for me, I can unsubscribe, and no longer hear from you! :D

 Dancing Thumbs Up Tina Fey 30 Rock


Pet Peeve #3

Guilt Trips

Tip: if I'm signing up as a tour host for you, allowing you to take up space on my blog, and trying to be pleasant for you to work with, don't guilt trip me into feeling like I'm not doing enough for you.  You're the coordinator.  You're getting paid - I'm volunteering.  Don't send me several emails guilt-tripping me into doing your job for you, and/or doing more for you than I want to.  I'm working with you voluntarily - don't push it, or I'm gone.  I don't need stress, so either be polite and step up your own game, or don't be a tour coordinator.  

 Lana Del Rey "Obviously"

Pet Peeve #4

Unprofessional Behavior

You know those people who are really unprofessional?  The ones who create a lot of drama?  They love to be spazzy, and make everyone feel really, really sorry for them?  When you put that into your professional work, it's not fun to deal with.  Don't put drama in your tour invites, it's just not necessary!   

Basically, be professional, people.  I don't need a request for more help on a tour, with your sob story about your kids being sick, your dog getting fixed, your cat running away, your husband on a business trip, your mom has rabies, and your sister turned green.  

 Demi Lovato wtf wide-eyed

Hire an assistant.  Get a partner.  Or simply ask for help without the drama.  

You're a manager, at the core of your job, and you need to learn to manage properly and professionally.  Don't be a dull dud, but don't be drama-central, either.


Pet Peeve #5

Review-Only tours, that last WAY too long...

Why does this bother me?  Because it's incredibly difficult to fill a really long review-only tour.  At least, when you want every day filled.  What does that mean for hosts?  Lots, and lots of "HELP!! WE NEED THIS TOUR FILLED!!" emails.  Ugh.  

Basically, what I'm reading with those: 

"I made a review-only tour for a book NO ONE wants to read, so I'm going to spam the hell out of your inbox, yell at you repeatedly, make you feel bad for not signing up in the first place, and try to get you to read this book, even though you probably won't like it.  Thanks! :D xoxoxo hugs, you rock, thanks for bailing me out of my own stupidity! :D"

Yeeeeah, nope.  Delete.  Not interested.  Perhaps if you'd had fewer caps, guilt trips, and fake thanks, I'd have considered it.  Even more, if you'd actual promote books that aren't trash, then I'd consider it even more! 

 Kristen Stewart "no"

Ok, those 5 are my biggest irritants.  There are more, but those are the ones bugging me enough to cause a rant post.  

If you're a tour host, you probably know some of what I'm talking about with those, and *high-five* to those who deal with the coordinators like that, because it takes patience! :)  

If you're a tour coordinator, and you think you may be the source of a pet peeve, well, that's entirely possible.  If so, please consider altering your behavior, because I've listed legitimate problems with these irritations.  Your service will run better if you're more professional, and not lazy.  

To those who aren't either of those mentioned above: thanks for reading!!  I hope you're not deterred by tours, tour services, or being a tour host, because really, it is a blast.  You just have to work with services that know what they're doing, and how to communicate ;)  

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