Tuesday, April 21, 2015

*Book Review* "The Memory Game" by Sharon Sant!

The Memory Game

~PublishedSeptember 1st, 2013

~Length133 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Light Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy

'If there is a hell, I think maybe this is it.' 

Three weeks after fifteen-year-old David died, he’s still hanging around and he doesn’t know why. The only person who can see and hear him is the girl he spent his school days bullying.

Bethany is the most hated girl at school. She hides away, alone with her secrets until, one day, the ghost of a boy killed in a hit-and-run starts to haunt her.

Together, they find that the end is only the beginning…

~ 4/5 Roses ~

*Spoiler Alert!*
This UnPlugged Review contains spoilers of the book.  If you don't want to read spoilers, please see my "Official Review" on Goodreads.

Guy meets girl. Guy is mean to girl. Guy dies, and comes back to haunt girl...tell me more!

So, the synopsis sounds pretty interesting.  I like the fact it's short- great teaser with just enough to hook you, but not spoil the surprises inside.  

~Cover: I really like this cover!!  The guy is edgy, and definitely looks like the kinda guy that could come back and haunt people.  He also fits the character of David perfectly, to me.  I can really see him as that person, and I love that!  The title is cool too, with the silhouette of a girl inside the 'o' in "Memory."  Did you see that?  I didn't the first time.

~David: Really cool character.  I love the fact that he changes so much.  Granted, that could be because he's only 15 when he gets hit by a truck, which then takes off and leaves him to die in a ditch...that really sucks.  But, he's not really gone, so it's okay, right?

~Bethany: I really, really liked Bethany's character.  She's quiet and shy, but she's not weak, contrary to what most of the town thinks.  She deals with people taking out frustrations on her from every place in her life, and then deals with David following her around in ghost form.  Really, he's doing the same thing, following her to ease his frustration and boredom.  She's a tough cookie, and I love how she helps David grow up.

~The Ending: Omg, I couldn't believe the way Sharon ended this book!  Bethany dies!?!  

I love and hate it at the same time.  It's somewhat sweet that she dies in the same place as David did, and they are together in their afterlife, to face whatever comes next together.  

But still, she has to die??  And because her father killed her?  Just, wow.  

It was so suspenseful, and there were so many ups and downs with her health until then, that I really thought she'd make it.  Buried in the snow all night though, you just know she didn't.  Then she takes David's hand, and he can finally feel her, and she's warm to him... ugh, I totally wanted to start balling.

After I finished the last page, I had a serious Beca moment, from Pitch Perfect, when she finally watches The Breakfast Club.  I was totally there, having to catch my breath, happy for them, but sad from the emotional suspense too.

~Overall: This is a really good book.  It surprises you with the light romance that buds between David and Bethany, but it's so sweet.  It's awesome to see him get over the other girl he liked when he was alive, because she so wasn't good for him.  

Hopefully, David and Bethany will have a happily ever after-life! :)

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